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This page links to complementary resources of the book Multimedia Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Architectures. In addition, we will post here different activities that may be of interest for students, instructors, and interested readers, to gain a better understanding ofn the different concepts related with multimedia networking that are explained in the books. These resources encompass theoretical questions, exercises, and practical activities, along with their corresponding solutions. You may check regularly this page for new posts.

Laboratory Exercise: Working with an IMS Core

This laboratory exercise is proposed in Chapter 7 of the book (Control Architectures), and provides the practical guidelines to:

  1. Install and configure all the software components required to deploy an IMS testbed.
  2. Create an IMS subscription in the IMS, with a Private and a Public User identity.
  3. Register a user in the IMS network.
  4. Capture and examine the traffic of the IMS registration process.
  5. Establish a multimedia session between two users in the IMS network.
  6. Capture and examine the traffic of the session establishment.

The laboratory exercise uses an open source IMS implementation, Open IMS Core, and an open source SIP test tool, SIPp. All the components needed to do this practical exercise are packed in as single Virtual Machine, which is available here.

The purpose of this exercise is to illustrate, using open software, the concepts described behind Chapter 7, and it is not intended for any other use. We will do a detailed walk-through, covering all the steps needed to install, configure, and use the software. Be aware that you may need to adapt some of the steps to your specific environment. The particular configurations and software that we explain are the ones we have tested but, probably, you can make changes to adapt them to your preferences without much trouble. A working knowledge of Linux is expected to follow this exercise.