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This is the companion website for the book Multimedia Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Architectures. In this site, we will provide the complementary material that is needed to follow the activities proposed in the book. In addition, we will post additional resources that may be valuable for students, instructors, and interested readers. These include theoretical questions, exercises, and practical activities, as well as their corresponding solutions. You may check regularly the website for new posts and updated information regarding the book.

More information about this book is provided here. The detailed table of contents is available here. Click here to access the complementary material and the additional resources.

Keywords: Multimedia networking, Internet telephony, Live IPTV, Video-on-Demand (VoD), Signaling protocols and architectures, Transport protocols, IP multicast, Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Where to buy this book?

Some links to purchase the first edition of this book (2019):